At First Legal, we are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations in everything we do. As a company committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service, we train our employees continuously so that they are knowledgeable in all company services and protocols. In addition to initial training, we’ve launched First Legal University, an ongoing eLearning tool to keep our employees up to date on all industry developments. If you are interested in joining the First Legal family, apply today for one of our current job openings.

See what employees say about working at First Legal!

“First Legal is the first company where I can truly say I feel as though I belong to a family. Since my first day, everyone made an effort to ensure that I would be successful in promoting our services to our customers. My colleagues care for our clientele, and that’s a necessity for me in conducting business.”

Lynda Amsell, J.D., Account Manager - Los Angeles

“First Legal is a Family, a hardworking and efficient family. Everyone at First Legal values the customer, and we truly believe in doing our best for ourselves and our clients.”

Taylor Drake, Director of Marketing

“First Legal strives to be the best in Legal Support. We also work diligently to provide superb customer service.”

Julio De Leon, Invoicing Manager

“The teamwork and can-do attitude that First Legal breeds is second to none and one of the many reasons why we are the premier litigation support company!”

Jayson Giannone, Regional Manager